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Our passion for eco-compatible building and self-sustainable living began just shy of 45 years ago.  Around 2004 we realized 3D printing, robotics and precast-panelized rapid building systems held the transformative power to revolutionize the building industryan industry lagging 50 to 60 years behind others in manufacturing processes, output and cost efficiency.  Our obsession with merging all of this together has only grown in intensity ever since; which led the respective members of our team to come together in 2008…to start building Envirock.

Although the systems we’ve developed are designed to rapidly produce superior performing building envelopes across the full spectrum of residential, commercial and industrial building segments; Envirock is more than just a rapid building systems company.

Over and above all of that, our primary thrusting fixation is on self-sustainability aimed at driving individual, family and community empowerment.  Our innovative rapid building technologies and advanced G•ROCK family of VHP and UHP concretes represent a means towards that end. 

Why so much zeal for self-sustainability?  Quite selfish reasons, really: because we want this for ourselves, our family, our friends and our world—i.e., you

For us, self-sustainability encompasses cost-effective solutions for optimizing onsite energy and food production; water and waste recycling; in concert with the following building philosophy…(see next section below)

Why Build With Sticks When You Can Build With Rock…G•ROCK?

Don’t know about you, but we’re soooo done with antiquated standard construction methods and materials…especially what passes for “green” in much of the world.  When driving by most construction sites—especially stick-built—we usually have to look the other way. They’re just too painful to look at…we experience actual physical pain from shaking our heads…”no…no…no…why…why…why?!!!”

Colossal inefficiency, material waste, overlong build times and higher costs aside; what really pains us is knowing that in the 21st Century, all new homes, at minimum, can be:

  • 100% fireproof, mold proof and insect proof
  • Made from 100% NON-TOXIC and non-mold feeding primary building materials
  • Highly sound resistant, safe, super strong
  • Highly resistant to earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes 
  • Energy efficient and easily capable of net-zero or net-plus energy performance with the right add-on technologies
  • Virtually maintenance free (shouldn’t start slowly deteriorating upon build completion)
  • More affordable
Envirock exists to make this level of overall performance an affordable reality for you right now.
Just a tad more about us...

Before you move on, let’s take a quick look at the primary traditional building products used in stick-built construction that oddly pass for “green”...but are in fact TOXIC.

Adding insult to injury, buildings constructed from these products cost more than Envirock buildings

NO building constructed from these materials should be classified as green.  The exalted “green certification” blessings bestowed upon these products by people doing business as certain industry “councils” are wholly subjective and questionable at best. Manufacturer and builder claims regarding how little or slow these products off-gas are meaningless; it’s the CUMULATIVE EFFECT that causes health problems for you and your family.  Building codes aimed at greater energy efficiency are responsible for tighter building envelope construction, which can result in denser VOC accumulation in your living environment.  Constant VOC exposure can slowly break down your immune system.  Just because you’re not noticing negative chronic health effects now doesn’t mean you’re not being impacted or immune from them in the future.

Black mold is a huge problem too.  So much so, the insurance industry has succeeded in getting many states to disallow mold related lawsuits.  We know people (including some friends) that have walked away from multi-million dollar Architectural Digest quality custom built homes because the OSB and drywall were teeming with black mold.  Before living in these homes they were very healthy people.

Green must be about more than energy and resource efficiency, recyclability, etc. Occupant health and safety must be at the top of the list.  They’re at the top of Envirock’s list.  We don’t use toxic building materials and the pH in our G•ROCK family of concretes kills mold and mildew on contact.

This is who we are.  This is what Envirock's all about.  This is what you get from Envirock.
We hope you resonate with what we’re doing and where we’re going.


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