Taking You Where No Builder
Has Taken You Before

FULL-SCALE, onsite
MONOLITHIC 3D building

What are Envirock Full-Scale 3D Building Printers?

Envirock 3D building printers (patents pending) are mobile, onsite digital fabrication systems that go directly from raw material to completed full-scale, monolithic dome-style building envelopes-from the ground up...in a matter of hours.

Our current generation of building printer produces dome building envelopes in sizes ranging from 200 sf. up to 1,815 sf. in one and two level configurations.  Multiple domes are easily connected together to add additional space.

Why 3D Print Your Next Home or Building?

In order for any new manufacturing technology to be commercially relevant it must produce an end result that's faster, better and/or less costly than existing technologies.  So, the reason you should print you next home or building is because Envirock's 3D building printers deliver superior building envelopes—Faster, Stronger, Safer, Greener, and Healthier, for a lot Less Money than currently available building technologies or methods. 

Envirock digital building printers optimize energy, financial resources, building processes, material (less with zero waste), productivity (minimal labor), precision, predictability (perfect construction every time) and overall risk reduction.  Expect cost reductions up to >60% from greatly reduced labor, build schedules, materials, waste, transportation, injuries, liability, theft, and cost of money when compared to conventional construction methods.

Most Intelligent Use of Materials and Labor

100% Waste Reduction: Average 2,000 sf. single family traditional built home generates three to seven tons of waste.

Substantial Labor Savings: only three people required to set up the printer and print your dome(s).

Healthy, Low Impact Construction

100% Non-Toxic =  No harmful chemicals, VOCs, or dust emissions

Significant transportation reduction of materials, equipment, people, related harmful emissions; and very low noise impact

why domes?



In addition to conveying a sense of timeless beauty, well-being and permanence, a dome’s aerodynamic rounded shape naturally distributes loading forces evenly over its entire surface.  In essence, domes are seamless, continuous arches rotated around a center axis: no single point supports applied forces and load energy is naturally directed to the ground.

Envirock domes printed with G•ROCK very-high performance (VHPC) or ultra-high performance (UHPC) concretes are literally superstructures. Designed to withstand ballistic projectiles, wildfires, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and the strongest tornadoes (F4), Envirock domes are the ideal structure for any application.  Domes made from G•ROCK far exceed FEMA's standards for providing near-absolute protection.


Domes require 38% less building-envelope surface area than comparable sized rectilinear structures to cover the same square footage.  Less surface area means less energy transfer, which means lower climate control costs.  Envirock domes are designed to naturally deliver up to >60% reduction in heating and cooling energy over similar sized conventional building envelopes.  This makes upgrading to net-zero or net-plus energy performance relatively simple.  It also means less material required for construction, further reducing overall costs.

Domes Look and Feel Different and Deliver Performance Far
Superior to Any Other Building Envelope on the Planet

Why Build With Sticks When You Can Build With Rock?  G•ROCK

Building envelopes constructed with G•ROCK Very-High Performance (VHPC) and Ultra-High Performance (UHPCConcretes deliver superior strength to weight characteristics, extreme durability and safety.  All of our building envelopes are fireproof, mold-proof, waterproof, pest-proof, non-toxic, deep green, 100% recyclable, sound-proof, highly blast and ballistic-resistant, exceedingly resistant to extreme weather and seismic loads; virtually maintenance free, and more...

DOES NOT Burn, Combust, Rot, Mold

DOES NOT Support Termites, Insects, Vermin

Highly Resistant to Chemical Corrosion

Exceeds USA and International Building Codes

pH Kills Mold and Mildew on Contact

100% Non-Toxic/Zero VOCs

Extreme Durability: MIT Believes UHPC Will Last >16,000 Years

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Shunning the Mediocrity of Low-Performance Stick-Built Homes, Many Forward Thinking Individuals Throughout the World Enjoy the Extreme Pleasure and Benefits of Concrete Domes


It's like comparing a sheet of cardboard to a sheet of steel of identical size and thickness…the comparison abruptly ends there.  As shown above, a concrete dome delivers vastly more in overall performance value than a comparable size stick-built envelope.  For example, if a 2,000 sf. Envirock dome saved you $20,000 dollars over a comparable sized, stick-built structure that savings figure would be misleading. Since a stick-built, wooden/brick/plastic/stucco overlaid, bug infested tinder box is vastly inferior to the concrete dome in every respect,

it would cost tens of thousands of dollars more to try and make it competitive in performance to the dome, which in any practical sense cannot be done anyway.  That's why the cardboard vs. steel analogy fits: no matter how much money you waste beefing up the cardboard sheet it'll never realistically outperform steel.  So, in reality, the $20,000 savings would be but a small fraction of the actual delivered savings value; especially when you add in life-cycle ownership cost savings: one of many examples would be NO roof maintenance...ever!

Envirock 3D Printed Domes vs. Other Dome Manufacturers

Most of the companies producing concrete domes in the USA are good organizations with solid products.  True to any meaningful progress, we're simply standing on the shoulders of those who came before us and applying new, cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior overall value to our clients. Envirock's 3D building printing systems along with advanced,

proprietary very-high performance (VHPC) and ultra-high performance (UHPC) concretes, substantially raise the cost-to-performance value-bar to give you a lot more, faster and for less of your hard earned money.  We're fairly certain our well regarded "competitors" would agree with us that delivering the highest possible value to you is what's most important.

Envirock 3D printed HPC and UHPC dome shells are faster, stronger, greener, healthier and less costly than comparable wood domes, thin shelled concrete-EPS domes, and concrete-EPS paneled geodesic domes.

At One With Nature Domes Provide Timeless
Design Possibilities  Synced To Ancient Futures

Dome home Resale Value

The market demand for concrete domes has steadily risen over the past 40 years in the residential, commercial, educational and industrial markets.  It's growth is expected to continue as we experience more extreme weather, seismic activity and manmade disasters.  Demand is driven by forward thinking people who realize they can invest in the extreme performance value domes deliver for less than stick-built, moldy, bug infested, slowly deteriorating, wooden tinder boxes.

If you plan to resell your dome in the future the minimum ideal configuration is three bedrooms, two baths in the 1,500 sf. and above range.  Interior build quality with in-demand amenities is also very important.

Resale Value Driving Factors

  1. As energy costs increase the value of energy efficient homes increase.
  2. Size and value harmonization with other homes in the area
  3. Superior performance advantages over other homes
  4. Quality Construction
  5. Attractive Landscaping
  1. As evidenced by artists who create futuristic architectural visions, the dome structure done right is timeless and always ahead of its time; whereas, many rectilinear home styles become dated relatively quickly as preferences change.

Getting Started:  Ordering Your New 3D Printed Dome(s)

printing your dome

The Envirock 3D dome printing system is modular and packs into one shipping container for transport ease and affordability.  Once on the construction site the printer requires  approximately two hours to assemble by a three-man

crew.  Once the Print Button is pressed, it takes less than 12 hours to print your foundation and dome.  If your dome is to be a home, because G-Rock is a very fast curing concrete, it'll be ready for the start of the interior build process within six to

 eight hours of print completion.  This is a drastic build-time reduction (3,000% to >9,000%) over conventional construction methods.

Dome Construction Process

  • Foundation: Install Slab, Plumbing Connects, Basement or Pilings per Plans
  • Dome Print: Four Layer Shell (you can park a tank on):
  • 1. Inner Shell Layer: White VHPC or UHPC
  • a. Electrical harness installed over inner shell layer exterior
  • 2. Reinforcement Layer: ultra-strong basalt rope is tightly wound robotically around the outer surface circumference of the inner most shell layer; from bottom to top.
  • a. Basalt: a non-metallic mineral fiber, 250% stronger and 1,000% lighter than steel; doesn't rust, absorb water; nonconductive, nonmagnetic; melt point is 1,450 C; 100% natural and inert; 100% non-carcinogenic and non-toxic
  • 3. Insulation Layer: unlike other dome home builders, WE DO NOT USE TOXIC materials like EPS or XPS. Envirock exclusively uses mineral based insulation materials to achieve R-30 or better that are 100% NON-TOXIC, ZERO VOC producing, Fireproof, Waterproof, Mold-Proof, Insect and Vermin Proof.
  • 4. Outer Shell Layer: Grey VHPC or UHPC that produces a very high-quality, professional-grade surface finish that can be painted any color.
  • Optional Solar Liquid Power coating is applied to the entire surface after painting
  • 5. Install Doors and Windows
  • 6.  Home Interior Finish Process: Interior shell walls do not require additional finishing work.  Envirock recommends and uses steel framing and non-gypsum wallboard for room dividing walls.  Other than that the interior finishing process is identical to any other home.

Envirock  A Fundamental change in building

The rate of advancement within the 3D printing space is astonishing.  Every day new breakthroughs are achieved and ideas that seemed impossible only a few short years ago are commonplace.

Although printing your dome envelope in a day elicits visions presented in popular science fiction novels; over the next few years Envirock will help make the lower cost, higher quality construction advantages of full scale 3D building printing ubiquitous. 

dome applications

Rental Units
Resort Bungalows
Office Buildings
Underground Shelters
School Buildings 

Performance Halls/Theaters
Tornado/Hurricane Shelters
Campground Cabins
Low-Cost Worker Housing

Man Camps 
Event Centers
Disaster Relief Shelters
 Emergency Medical
Water Storage
Petroleum Storage 

Mineral Storage 
Agricultural Storage 
Cold Food Storage
Grain Storage
Chemical Storage

Why Storage Domes?

optimal protection for sensitive materials

Arches are the Strongest Structural Forms ― Domes are basically seamless compound arches rotated about a center axis.  This conformation is immensely advantageous for cost-effective industrial and agricultural storage envelopes.

Absolute Stability ― As granular materials (grains, cement, etc.) are loaded into and withdrawn from a dome their mass falls away from the dome walls rather than accumulate on any one side.  In tall conventional silos, heavy irregular weight loads against the structure’s side can develop serious out-of-round form leading to complete collapse.  On low structures, this occurrence can cause the building to slide horizontally on the foundation.  A dome's immunity to destabilizing load dynamics radically reduces foundation requirements/costs and substantially increases operational safety and cost savings.

Efficient Design ― Granular material dome storage envelopes are arranged and contained within a ring configuration providing highly efficient, cost-reductive operational flow: e.g., easy bulk bin ingress and egress

Superior Performance ― Waterproof, Leak Proof, Temperature Stable, Condensation Resistant, Immune to Thermal Expansion and Contraction Problems, Vacuum Sealable 

Extreme Durability ― G•ROCK Very-High and Ultra-High Performance Concretes are exceptionally resistant to highly corrosive chemical environments, extreme weather, and operational wear-and-tear from loaders and other mobile material handling equipment.

Extreme Safety ― G•ROCK + Shape + No Moment Connections + Digitally Precise 3D Printed/Robotic Construction = Near Absolute Protection from Extreme Weather, Seismic Loads and Man-Made Disasters

Filling and Extraction ― Granular materials are efficiently deposited into the dome through a center rooftop port by air or conveyor and extracted through a ground level opening.  Optional extraction systems include easy-to-install under-dome tunnels with automated air slides, scrapers, and retrieving conveyors.  The dome's superior strength also allows heavy material handling system attachment to the external shell surface and/or suspension from the shell’s interior.

Currently Available 3D Printed Dome Sizes 





One Level sf.


Two Level sf.


Custom 3D Printed Dome Sizes Up To >250’ Diameter available Soon